Article Review

Trial by Twitter

“Trial by Twitter” by Holly Millea
Release: September 14, 2014
Publisher: Elle Magazine


Deep in the digital diaries of three lovely girls, a fatal disconnect occurred. What their followers had not seen between the lines was the vanishing of morality, reality, and then, Skylar Neese.

This one is going to be a bit odd but it’s me talking about an article I read. It’s called “Trial by Twitter” from Elle, not a book but I think anything that makes me think should be considered worthy of my form of reviewing. So this article I am posting about.

Reading this made me say “I’m so happy that I’m not in high school anymore.” Anyone, maybe you, can tell you that high school is a horrible place. For me, it wasn’t too bad, I didn’t have it as bad as most. Lucky for me, I didn’t attend school during the height of social media, just the beginning. We had our mini scandals thanks to it, but nothing like this.

“Trial by Twitter” centers around the murder of a sixteen year old girl by her two friends. Like I said, being in high school is bad enough, but being a teenage girl in high school is practically unbearable.

There is a book about this and I am interested in picking that up in hopes that it’s more in depth but this was a good precursor into the case itself.

It’s fascinating and terrifying at the same time, sending chills through you as you see two girls act both unaffected and worried for a missing friend all while knowing where her body is and what happened to her. Seeing how aloof and uncaring one could be while the act itself slowly ate at the second. It’s maddening how much social media affects people these days and this article clearly shows one horrifying outcome.




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