Book Haul · Book Mail

Amazon Book Haul

I was sitting in bed, doing nothing – my usual day – and the dog perks up. His ears get large, he starts to growl, and that’s when I know – mail is here. I also know it’s a package because the mailbox is a little ways a way from the houses, so the only reason I would hear a truck is because of packages!

I ordered a few things from Amazon, because I have a problem, and two of those were books and they are now on my shelf!

  1. Soji Shimada, The Tokyo Zodiac Murders
    • A man is killed in a locked room (locked from the inside) and all his daughters are killed the way he said they would be. I want to know who is doing this killing stuff! And I want to be freaked out.
  2. Josh Malerman, Bird Box
    • I love scary stories, provided I don’t have to watch them, and this is about a scary thing no one is supposed to see. When you see, you’re driven violently mad and kill yourself. I’m curious.

Both of these books I heard about on “All the Books!” and I trust them with my reading choices.

I can’t wait to receive my Book Outlet orders this week. those are going to be huge.


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