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Book Outlet Book Haul

There is a story that needs to be told before I can really tell you about the haul.

I accidentally put another address as my shipping address. By the time I caught it, it was too late to change it back. So I called UPS – by I called, I mean my boyfriend called – and they said that once it was in their possession, they could change the address so I could pick it up at a UPS location near me. Totally cool. So I waited. I stalked the website.

And it never updated.

The moment it did, it was already in Postal Service custody. Called them and had it redirected to remain at the post office. They thought it was to be redelivered and sent it back out the next day.

I thought I was never going to get my books because they were sent to my old address. I was thinking Worst Case Scenario, I was thinking Poor Books. What I didn’t think was Call the damn place, Phanessa.

I did that this morning and they said to just come and get it. So now I have books to share!

I received:

  1. Philippa Gregory’s The Lade of the Rivers
    • I am trying to branch out and read different genres and I want to read this in order of sequence because it ends with one about Mary, Queen of Scots I heard. I could be wrong but I hope I love them.
  2. Alison Cherry’s Red
    • I have a secret love for redheads. I was briefly a redhead – it looked a little odd with my coloring but I loved it. The moment I heard of this book, I instantly shelved it on GoodReads and had to read it. I think I have it on my Kindle but I wanted a physical copy because I can’t control myself. Super excited for this one.
  3. Lili St. Crow’s Nameless
    • Literally no idea what this is about. I just though the cover and spine were pretty. Is that called a Cover Buy.
  4. Imogen Howson’s Linked
    • Another one I don’t know much about. I knew once. I have it shelved on GoodReads. Just want to read it.

All of these were purchased during the Book Outlet sale. Obviously, these weren’t enough to qualify for free shipping but there’s another order that should be here today that did. And that one is a little big.


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