Book Haul

Fred Meyer Book Haul

I’m not sure if I can technically call this one a haul but I did buy a book! Because I was going to wait for my boyfriend in the parking lot of his work because we had plans for food after work. Only thing I didn’t factor in was how much time it would take me from my work to his work because of traffic.

So I bought a book – that’s all that matters.

I bought The Martian by Andy Weir. I bought it to replace the one I bought earlier that someone had censored every single swearword. There is a picture on my Instagram which should be linked somewhere around here. So I just bought it new with a discount plus my employee discount.

Also, if you don’t know what Fred Meyer is, it’s owned by Kroger and is in the Pacific Northwest. If you don’t know Kroger, it’s a grocery store company that has a bunch of other companies.

Oh, but more about the book. I’m excited to read it. I saw the movie and I’m hoping there’s a close similarity. I didn’t want to watch the movie but I had no say in it at the time so I was intrigued.


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