Book Review


Devotion by Alexa Riley
Release: June 5, 2017


Alexa Riley, DEVOTIONAurora Adams has had everything in her life regimented. She’s been made to eat certain foods, wear certain clothes, and only do what her mother allows…all for the sake of her dancing career. Life is lonely and cold, but she doesn’t have a choice. When her mother decides to send her away for a year of training it’s just another blow to her already fragile heart.

Noah Hill has never had passion for much in his life. But one look at Aurora and his world ignites. From the moment he sees her on the stage, he knows she has to be his. When her mother stands in the way, he has no other choice.

Will Aurora finally have a chance to break free, or is she trading one cage for another? When temptation leads to devotion, maybe the truth isn’t so important.

Aurora Adams is a ballerina being sent away by her mother for a year of study to hone her craft. Her mother sees her as weak and this year will help cement her skills to be a better performing dancer. In reality, it’s a trick to spend a year alone with Noah Hill, a man in love with Aurora where he hopes to never give her back, but to give her all that she desires.

I’ve never read anything by Alexa Riley but this popped up in my suggestions on my kindle and I bought it, always interested in something a little sexy to read.

Yes, it was fast, it was dirty, and it was over the top, but sometimes I like impossible stories because they’re just fun to read. If everything I read was serious, I think I’d get a little bored, so tossing in some erotica from time to time is always a good thing for me.

I enjoyed the brief story, there was a plot, there was a resolution, there was me saying “Oh, dear,” a lot. I’m not disappointed. In fact, I’m probably going to read everything they put out. I’m invested now.

If you need something fast and dirty – oh, dear, I just realized how that sounded – then I definitely recommend Alexa Riley. If you want something unrealistic, totally pick this up, too.



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