Book Haul

July 2017 Book Haul

Instead of doing book hauls as I purchase, I’m just going to wrap up at the end of the month.

This month, I thought I was doing well but I got fourteen new books. (PS: That’s only print books, I’m not even going to put eBooks on here because this post will take an hour to read). Two were sent to me, one in this month’s OwlCrate, two are from Barnes and Noble, six are from Half-Priced Books (three my boyfriend bought because of a bet), and four from Third Place Books.

I’m excited for all of these! I just need more time in the day for reading.

  1. Octavia Butler, Kindred
  2. Emily Bain Murphy, The Disappearances
  3. Todd Strasser, Blood On My Hands
  4. Todd Strasser, Kill You Last
  5. Eve Chase, Black Rabbit Hall
  6. Susan Barker, The Incarnations
  7. Manuel Gonzales, The Regional Office is Under Attack
  8. Maggie Stiefvater, The Scorpio Races
  9. Haylen Beck, Here and Gone
  10. Mackenzi Lee, The Gentelmen’s Guide to Vice and Virtue
  11. Gina Wohlsdorf, Security
  12. Hanya Yanagihara, A Little Life
  13. Mindy McGinnis, The Female of the Species
  14. Phil Hogan, A Pleasure and a Calling

I’m not sure where in this list I’m going to start but they all look so good to me 🙂


One thought on “July 2017 Book Haul

  1. We all need more hours in a day to read.. I always get home from work wanting to read but then there’s chores and cooking and.. Ugh. When I can finally start reading it’s nearly time to go to sleep because work.
    Frustrations of a bookworm, haha.

    The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue really looks interesting to me! I haven’t bought it yet, but definitely will in the future. I’ve heard way too many good things about it not to.

    Happy reading! 😀


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