I Met Colleen Hoover!

If you want to see me freak out, just bring one of my favorite authors to my town!

Yes, you heard that correctly, y’all, Colleen Hoover came to Seattle (technically Lake Forest Park) to start her Without Merit tour. I preordered the book, brought along my best friend, and squeaked at her. Yes, I squeaked at Colleen Hoover as she asked me if I saw the Without Merit Book Beau.

I’m kind of useless around people who create brilliant stories such as her.

Of course, there were things I wanted to tell her:

  • Thank you for righting the beginning of Losing Hope like you did. It made me rethink a lot of my past and my choices involving mistakes I’ve made. I understand decisions and consequences and who remains and it’s helped me more than any psychologist I’ve seen before.
  • Thank you for creating Asa in Too Late. I’ve never moved from hating a character to crying for a character so fast in my life. I also saw so much of myself in that character that I understood his thought processes, I saw what my family saw in me, I understand my own mental disorder better than before. I’m not sure if that was the intended goal, to write Asa like that, but it helped me.
  • Thank you for writing stories that keep me up at night eager for every word.
  • Thank you for Confess, one of my favorite books.
  • Thank you for writing.

See, I get pretty cheesy.

Too bad not all of that could have been relayed through the squeak.


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