Book List

Books I’m Thankful For 2017

It’s Thanksgiving! A day of giving thanks and stuffing ourselves with turkey and mashed potatoes.

Like every year, my work is closed and I’m going to be buried in a book until I take a nap – it honestly happens every year.

I’ve been having a rough few months and I’m very thankful that I have the fictional world I can dive into when I need an escape. Below are going to be my books (or reads, or authors) I’m thankful for this year.

  • Lauren Oliver, Before I Fall
    • I’m thankful for Before I Fall because not only was it one of my favorite reads of the year, it also showed me that I can give a second chance to an author. I read Lauren Oliver’s Delirium and I just wasn’t a fan of it. I had always been interested in reading Before I Fall but was turned off after reading Delirium.
  • JK Rowling, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone and Chamber of Secrets
    • I’m truly thankful for rereading the first two books in the Harry Potter series during my trip to Canada. Rather than partaking in the beauty of Whistler, I sat in front of the fire with my nose buried in Sorcerer’s Stone.
  • Francesca Zappia, Eliza and Her Monsters
    • This is the first OwlCrate book I’ve read. While I really enjoyed the story as a whole, I’m thankful for this book because of Eliza’s anxiety and Wallace’s selective mutism. While I don’t share the same struggles, I like how much understanding I felt when I finished the book.
  • Nicola Yoon, Everything, Everything and The Sun is Also a Star
    • Even though they are two separate books, I’m thankful for the fact that it showcases interracial relationships and people of color. In Everything, Everything, not only was the main character mixed race (something I identify with and rarely see in books) but her race wasn’t a factor in the relationship. In The Sun is Also A Star, I liked the explanations of different cultures and home lives of the main characters.
  • Tammara Webber, Sweet (and Brave out December 19)
    • I’m thankful that I picked this up after so much hesitation because it gave me a glimpse of my favorite character and I loved being immersed in their world again. Also, my own little shout out to Brave coming out on December 19, I’m super eager for it.

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